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Use My Songs!!!

2007-10-26 02:24:33 by SavageBliss

Hey guys,

Just want to let you all know that have 2 remotely good songs up for grabs to be in a submission...that and Does anyone wanna Collab? I really need more exp. in the whole flash making thing and would be easier to have someone else with me to help me...BTW I'm an AUSSIEEEEE!!!!!

Anyone wanna Collab?

2007-10-19 06:47:14 by SavageBliss

Pretty self explainitory...I just really need to make some stuff...BADLY...come on...anyone?


2007-09-24 18:41:50 by SavageBliss

Hey guys,

I'm a new member here (But have been on this site since 99') and was wondering does anyone want to collab? My Photoshop skills are pretty good (Cert III in multimedia) and my flash skills are very basic but I want to make something. Looking for anyone that wants to collab on just about anything. Looking forward to talking to you all.